Taiwan Lithium Battery Vacuum Drying Oven
UER Technology Corporation(Taiwan)
  • Case time: April, 2015
  • Product: Air Blast Vacuum Oven
  • Cooperation:

    The client came to us looking for a vacuum oven with multiple chambers. To reach high efficiency, a 100 Pa vacuum unit is needed. To accomplish this, we designed a three layered vacuum drying oven. The client was extremely satisfied with the oven and ordered 5 more vacuum drying ovens the following year to expand their production.

Basic properties of custom vacuum drying oven:
  • Heater position: Around chamber
  • Exhaust port: Side face, solenoid valve
  • Air inlet port: Filling solenoid valve
  • Doors: A set of doors at both side
  • Insulating material: Rubber silicone high temperature sealing ring
Parameters of custom drying oven:
  • Model: SBVO-200APNGS
  • Internal dimensions (L×W×H) : 1300 ×580×900mm
  • Heat insulator thickness: 90 mm
  • Operating temperature range: Room temperature +15 ℃ to 150 ℃
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1 ℃
  • Temperature distribution: ±3 ℃ (2 hours when stable at 120 ℃, no load)
  • Temperature increase time: Within 120 minutes from 25 ℃ to 120℃ (no load)
  • Vacuum degree: No less than 10 Pa
  • Average air leakage per 24h: ≤20Pa/h
  • Power source: AC380V, 3-phase 4-wire, 50 Hz
  • Heater capacity: 20 Kw
  • Air blast power: 370W
  • Maximum current: 50A
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