Expert of industrial drying equipment

Industrial Drying Oven

Expert of industrial drying equipment

Wujiang Jiangling Instrument Co., also known as JLYQ, is a comprehensive source for all of your industrial drying oven needs. We carry out the design, manufacturing, installation, and customization of hot air drying ovens and vacuum drying ovens. No matter your needs, we have teams of experts to work out the specifications that will satisfy your demands. Our ovens have been used by clients in a wide range of industries, including the manufacturing of lithium batteries, LED and LCD display components, plastic hardware, and optical lenses. We have customized thousands of ovens over the years and we have the confidence to serve your needs once you provide us with the details of your operation.
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Main Products
    1. SGDP Industrial Hot Air Oven
    2. SGDP Industrial Hot Air Oven SGDP is our most universal drying oven with a maximum temperature of 350 ℃. Equipped with a PID temperature controller with LED display... Read More
    1. Cleanroom Drying Oven
    2. Cleanroom Drying Oven Cleanroom drying ovens are designed for products that have high cleanliness requirements. These products include optical lenses, electric elements...

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    1. Pass-through Oven
    2. Pass-through Oven Our pass-through oven applies front and back double doors structure, greatly reducing contamination and saving time during transporting handled materials. Read More
    1. Cooled Vacuum Oven
    2. Cooled Vacuum Oven Equipped with independent air-cooled exchange cooling system, the cooled vacuum oven is used in pharmaceutical and food labs for drying bacterial and starter cultures. Read More
    1. Industrial Vacuum Oven
    2. Industrial Vacuum Oven Vacuum drying ovens are designed for thermosensitive materials that require vacuum deformation, as well as labile and easily oxidized materials such as lithium batteries. Read More
    1. Aging Oven
    2. Aging Oven Aging ovens are primarily designed for high performance electronics, such as computers, monitors, terminals, power supply, mainboards and switching chargers... Read More
    1. Application Specific Oven
    2. Application Specific Oven Different application areas, such as LEDs, photoelectric components, lithium batteries and metal plastics require different drying equipment types. Read More
    1. Vacuum Drying System
    2. Vacuum Drying System Vacuum drying systems are complex systems that require the use of airtight tunnels. To ensure an airtight performance, sealing sleeves are used for heat systems, and the temperature sensors are KF sealed. Read More
Custom Drying Ovens

Ovens with custom specifications regarding various applications, sizes, and other requirements can be produced by JLYQ. We offer industrial drying ovens, laboratory drying ovens, cleanroom drying ovens, vacuum drying ovens, and other drying systems. Once you provide us with your desired material types, application, size, and temperature range, we will tailor a solution for you.

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