ECC Repenning GmbH.(Germany)
  • Case time: June, 2018
  • Product: Lithium Battery Vacuum Drying Oven
  • Cooperation:
    This battery manufacturer needed an oven for lithium battery baking. A vacuum oven was needed to create an inert environment to prevent oxidation. When the oven is evacuated of air, nitrogen is then filled through the air blast system. A specific plan taking into account the workshop size and electrical configuration was made. The equipment would have divided temperature zones to increase the heating rate and reduce the amount of energy expended in the heating process. Detailed tests were carried out to verify the functions to satisfy the needs of the client. The client was extremely happy with our design and purchased more single chamber ovens as well as triple chamber ovens.
Basic properties of custom vacuum drying oven:
  • Chamber structure: Three chambers
  • Heater position: Both sides and bottom of chamber
  • Exhaust port: One port for three chambers, solenoid valve
  • Air inlet port: Front, Manual, filling solenoid valve
  • Oven doors: Three single doors with auxiliary heating
  • Insulating material: Rubber silicone high temperature sealing ring
Parameters of custom drying oven:
  • Model: SBVO-03APM
  • Internal dimensions (L×W×H) : 300 ×800×600mm
  • Operating temperature range: Room temperature +15 ℃ to 150 ℃
  • Temperature fluctuation: ±2 ℃
  • Temperature increase time: Within 60 minutes from 25 ℃ to 120℃ (no load)
  • Vacuum degree: No less than 100 Pa
  • Average air leakage per 24h: ≤0.5kPa/h
  • Outside surface temperature: Room temperature+25 ℃
  • Power source: AC380V, 3-phase 4-wire, 50 Hz
  • Heater capacity: 5.5 Kw ×3
  • Maximum current: 40A
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