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Wujiang Jingling Instrument Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1989, Wujiang Jiangling Instrument Co., or JLYQ, is a one-stop shop for all of your industrial drying oven needs. For the past few decades, we have provided customers from various industries with design, manufacturing, assembling, and customization services to go with our outstanding line of drying equipment.

Currently, JLYQ offers series of hot air drying ovens and vacuum drying ovens which cover the needs of most fields with heating processes. These ovens have been applied in the production of lithium batteries, LED and LCD display components, plastic hardware, and optical lenses. Over the years, we have customized thousands of ovens for our diverse range of customers.

Our 15,000 square meter production facility is equipped with highly advanced machinery to perform the high precision processes involved in the production of our ovens. JLYQ uses sheet metal processing machines like laser cutters, numerical control bending machines, and welding robots. This equipment enables us to maximize the quality of our products. Before the ovens are sent out for installation, we will carry out strict tests on the temperature distribution and fluctuation using certified temperature testing devices. The upper layer, middle layer, and lower layer will also be tested for temperature accuracy.

  • 30
    30 years of experience in cooperation in different industries
  • 3000+
    Annual output exceeds 3,000 units
  • 15000
    15,000 square meter production facility

In addition to manufacturing, JLYQ also provides consultation services. We employ experienced development, design, production, quality test, and after-sales service team to fulfill all of the demands of our customers. Once your needs are identified, a suitable drying plan will be provided to you within a working day.

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